Review/Contest Policies

I am a huge book nerd and part of what I just LOVE is exploring new books and sharing them with others. I have a total book buying obsession and the majority of books I review, I purchase myself. If you’d like to send me a book for review, I will specify that it has been sent as such and do my best to review it in a timely manner.
I’d also love to host book-related giveaways, guest posts, blog tours or contests. Please feel free to email me at

As far as WHAT I read, it’s really mostly everything. Here is a list of genres I like (but it is ever-changing):

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult (dystopian, romance, historical, etc.)
  • Contemporary Fiction/Literature
  • Paranormal Romance / Romance/ Erotic
  • Historical Fiction of all kinds (literature, steampunk, etc.)
  • Biography/Memoir

I will not read any religious books or writing. Also, if you would like for me to review a book in a series, I will need the prior books in the series to give it a fair review.

Requested book formats:
I will accept books in the following formats: galley, ARC, review copy, hardcover/paperback finished copy, and ebook format (I own a Kindle.)
I generally do not accept self-published books.
Review Process:
If I accept a book for review, I will read and review it. It takes me about a week to get through and review a book, but if there is a need, I can have it done faster. I generally like to review books close to their release date so please bear that in mind.
The reviews are my honest and thorough opinion and impressions of the book. I always try to provide a well-balanced perspective and will never just slam a book that I am asked to review. I will never accept any monetary compensation for books.
Where I post my reviews:
Barnes & Noble
Violette Reads
If you’d like for me to post a review, elsewhere, please just let me know! Always reach out to me at my email if you have any questions.

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