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I know I’ve been rather quiet recently. I heard the crickets too.

I have started reading the Hunger Games trilogy and finally got on board the whole “obsessed with Hunger Games” train. Because the books are so popular, I decided not to review them. I mean, the first book has over three thousand reviews on Amazon. I really doubt my review would say anything the others have not. I can say that it’s definitely a 5-star read for me. I got so sucked into the book that I haven’t really read much else and it’s taken me a long time to read because I am savoring every moment.

So please bear with me as I read this trilogy and then continue on with my reviews and such. I’m also going to be doing a big “Mailbox” post because even though I said I would buy no more books – I lied. :X


More Purchases!

So, I am hitting up Borders again today, for the last time before it permanently closes its doors. ::sniffle:: Hopefully there is still some great stuff left for me to browse through. I do anticipate a big ‘ol “book haul” update very soon, and maybe I’ll do my first video!!

Have a happy Friday, everyone!!

The Loot

As I’m sure everyone knows, Borders is closing and there just so happens to be one not too far from me. Well, of course I went and spent a ton of money on books that have been on my “to read” list. Check out the spoils:

I’m super excited to start reading them all. Unfortunately, my To Be Read pile is now up to like 75 books. I really need to start reading them faster than I buy them.